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Car Check Free

What's included in a free car check?

A free car check provides essential details about a vehicle to help potential buyers make informed decisions. Our website offer over 20 fields of information, including:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Make of the vehicle
  • Model of the vehicle
  • Colour
  • Year of manufacture
  • Engine size
  • Body type
  • Fuel type (e.g., petrol, diesel, electric, hybrid)
  • Transmission (manual or automatic)
  • CO2 emissions
  • Annual road tax cost
  • Current vehicle tax status
  • Vehicle tax expiry date

It's essential to ensure that your vehicle has valid insurance. You can easily verify if your vehicle is insured by visiting the askMID (Motor Insurance Database) website, which is free to use and available 24/7. By entering your vehicle's registration number, you can quickly confirm if your vehicle has valid insurance, which is a legal requirement for all vehicles on UK roads.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to renew my vehicle tax and MOT?

Find out when to renew your vehicle tax and MOT by using our complimentary car check service. Just enter your vehicle registration number, and we'll provide the tax and MOT expiry dates, along with key details like make, model, and color. Use our service to stay on top of important deadlines and keep your vehicle legally roadworthy.

How can I view a vehicle's MOT history?

To check the MOT history of a vehicle, you can use our free car check service. Simply enter the vehicle's registration number, and we'll provide you with the vehicle's MOT history, including the dates of all previous MOT tests and their results. You'll also see the expiration date of the current MOT, as well as any previous advisories or failures. By using our service, you can get a comprehensive understanding of a vehicle's MOT history.

Is a car history check important?

A car history check is essential and valuable, as it helps protect you from vehicles with hidden problems. The check reveals critical information such as outstanding finance agreements, theft reports, and write-off status. It also includes a salvage history check, which provides damage photos.

Can a free car check help me verify the authenticity of a vehicle's mileage?

Yes, a free car check can often help you verify a vehicle's mileage. The service usually provides information about the car's MOT history, which includes recorded mileages at each MOT test. Comparing these figures can help you identify any discrepancies and ensure the car's mileage is genuine.

How can I use a free car check to find out about any safety recalls on a vehicle?

A free car check may include information about safety recalls related to a specific vehicle. By entering the car's registration number, you can view details about any recalls issued by the manufacturer, ensuring you are aware of potential safety concerns that may need to be addressed.

Can a free car check provide information on a vehicle's previous owners?

Some free car check services may offer information about a vehicle's previous owners. However, detailed owner history might not be available for free, and you may need to opt for a paid service to access comprehensive owner data. This information can help you understand the vehicle's history and identify any potential concerns based on the number of previous owners.

How reliable is the information provided by a free car check service?

Free car check services generally provide reliable information sourced from official databases, such as the DVLA. While these services are helpful in providing essential vehicle details, it's important to remember that some information might be limited or not as comprehensive as a paid vehicle history check.

Vehicle History Check Report

Ensure the car you are thinking of buying has no hidden problems by using our detailed vehicle history check. By offering extensive information, our vehicle history check guarantees clarity and confidence for purchasers.

  • Outstanding Finance: Information about the finance company and term details. Insurance Write-Off: Loss type and accident date.
  • Salvage Check: Damage details, description, and photos if the vehicle was at a salvage auction.
  • Stolen Check: Police markers for currently stolen vehicles or those that were stolen and recovered.
  • Owner History: Complete previous owner history with transaction dates.

Additional valuable vehicle data includes MOT history, VIN check, plate changes, logbook, previous keeper count, import/export records, mileage report, and essential vehicle performance and emission details.

Driving Legally in the UK

To drive legally in the United Kingdom, make sure you meet the following criteria:

  • Possess a valid driving license: Hold a full or provisional (for learners only) driving license issued in Great Britain (GB). If you have a non-GB license, use GOV.UK's non-GB licence checker to verify if you can drive in GB with your license.
  • Maintain up-to-date vehicle tax: Ensure your vehicle is taxed using a new logbook or a V11 reminder. Visit the Tax Your Vehicle page on GOV.UK for more information. Remember, vehicle tax is NOT transferable when ownership changes, and any outstanding refunds will be processed automatically by DVLA.
  • Obtain a valid MOT: Use our free car check service to verify a vehicle's MOT status. An accredited garage can perform an MOT test on your car, ensuring it meets road safety and environmental standards. This test is required annually after the 3rd anniversary of the vehicle's registration.
  • Secure at least 3rd party motor insurance: Every driver must have valid 3rd party insurance, as mandated by the Road Traffic Act 1930. Motor insurance offers financial protection in case of an accident and can cover injuries to other drivers, pedestrians, and passengers in your car. Check if your vehicle has valid insurance by visiting the askMID website.

By meeting these requirements, you can drive confidently, knowing you are complying with UK laws and maintaining a safe environment on the road. Utilize our free car check services to help you stay informed and up to date with your vehicle's status.